10 Social Media Pages you should be following!

It’s no surprise that social media has become the global phenomenon that it has in the last four, five or even six years. Whether it’s checking out what your best friend is up to, or what your ex colleague is having for lunch, countless hours a day can be attributed to being on social media.

It’s incredibly naive to think that social media is still something unproven for brands and businesses. From selling products, to millions of selfies, pictures of food and cute puppy dogs, we believe the days of social media have only just begun. We love the fact that information, photos and videos are so easily available to everyone these days, and so we have created our top 10 Instagram accounts you should be following when it comes to the certified organic sector in Australia.

10.  @lukehinesonline + @ellehalliwell

Yes we know, this is two in one! But it’s like asking a parent who their favourite child is – and we just can’t pick. Luke and Elle are our ambassadors for 2019 and we love them both equally! Their posts and content are thought provoking, beautiful and informative. Elle’s content is focused around her beautiful little boy Tor, her health journey and her positive outlook on life. Luke shares a lot of healthy meal options with drool-worthy photos, along with a few shirtless pics of him hanging out at the beach with his beautiful doggo Chia – and hey, we can’t fault him for that!

9. @penfreshorganic

Run by husband and wife team, Wayne and Tash, Peninsula Fresh Organics are growers of certified organic vegetables. Farming on 40 acres of land and growing approximately 40 different lines of vegetables, including heirloom varieties – (these are the pretty ones to photograph!) Some of their most popular crops include the heirloom carrots and heirloom radish, leeks, spinach, lettuce varieties, rainbow chard and broccoli. To brighten up your feed, make sure to follow these guys.

8. @burnsideorganicfarm

Burnside Organic Farm is a certified organic winery / vineyard and home-stay nestled in the beautiful Margaret River in WA. We often have major FOMO when one of their images appears in our feed and want to jump straight on a plane to WA, so we can stay in one of their short stay holiday bungalows.

7. @tomorganic

Australian owned TOM Organic is taking the personal care world by storm. Creator Aimee Marks came up with the idea for organic cotton tampons and pads while working on a high school project. Launching in 2009, TOM Organic has gone on to win a number of awards, hold numerous events and have pop ups at HUGE music festivals (like Splendour in the Grass), whilst partnering up with some seriously cool people (insert fan-girl moment here).

6. @rocket_science

Anita Vandyke has an EPIC instagram page, and a rather large following to boot. Her photos are all pretty to look at, but also carry a great message along with them. Her hashtag #AZeroWasteLife shows you just how easy it is to live a more sustainable life by simply swapping out some of your daily habits. Anita has written a book by the same title, and her aim is to get consumers to think twice before choosing single use plastic.

5. @marikaday

A dietitian and Nutritionist by trade, Marika is a self confessed chocolate lover and recipe creator. She loves nothing more than to be real on her social platforms and we LOVE this about her. Marika’s slightly crazy yet oh so delicious recipes (like the brownies made from black beans) are to die for, and the way she shares her recipes for the world to enjoy, makes her one of our top five fave instagrammers!

4. @ecowithem_

Em is an artist in every sense of the word. She creates sustainably focused images that play on the cheeky side of all environmentalists. Creator of widely shared illustrations ‘how to store food without plastic’ and ‘eco gifts to get kids outside’, Em brings a fun-loving side to Instagram.

3. @foodmatters

Our friends over at Food Matters have a whole library of beautiful pictures, thought-provoking quotes, interesting articles and insightful videos. If you haven’t seen their Instagram account – go and check it out! You won’t be sorry.

2. @eatprayworkout

Amy is an avid organic buyer and lover, an army wife and Mum of two cute little kids who drive her to be her healthiest self. Producing content, blogs, beautiful photos and recipes are just a few of her talents. We love Amy’s grid and we think you will too!

1. @penjobe_pastoral

Holly, the lady behind the lens, is an organic grazer from central QLD. Seeing the lay of the land through Holly’s instagram makes you realise just how beautiful this country of ours is. Her prints are now available to buy on canvas, so if you would like to support an organic farmer, check out her stunning photos and give her a follow.

Let us know your thoughts on our top 10, and let us know if you think we have forgotten anyone.


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