Growing mainstream, the MRO story

As Australia’s largest producer of organic dried vine fruit, Murray River Organics are on a mission to make tasty, clean food accessible to everybody.  

Have you ever found yourself justifying the cost investment of your organic preference? You’re not alone. The benefits may be obvious but for some, purchasing organic products simply doesn’t fit within their budget. So how do we make organics accessible to all?  

Murray River Organics is the answer. 

Australia’s largest producer of organic dried vine fruit, Murray River Organics have upwards of 9000 acres of farmland in their care and stock a range of over 40 organic products in local grocers and mainstream supermarkets, ticking boxes for both availability and affordability.  

Murray River Organics are growing against the grain of typical small plot organic farming, instead choosing to grow big to influence big. Their mission is a simple one, to make tasty, nutritious, clean food accessible to everybody. It’s why you’ll find them on the shelves of your local Woolworths, Coles, IGA and even Costco.  

Working hands on with their farmers and growers, Murray River Organics prioritises high quality ingredients, which you’ll taste in their range of better-for-you pantry staples and moreish breakfast mixes. With passion and innovation, MRO aims to be a leader in championing an organic way of life. So now when you next see their logo you’ll know, this is a brand on a mission  

To taste the MRO difference, check in with your local Woolworths or Coles for availability or order online.

To get to know MRO better visit their website or find them on Instagram

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