Jalna Organic Yoghurt. Organically pure and naturally delicious.

The recent boom in the demand for organic food has been a vindication of Jalna’s long-term commitment to creating traditional pot set yoghurts, using sustainable, organic methods.

Our organic growth.

Jalna has been owned by the McLaren family for over 40 years, it’s fair to say, the learning process began on day one.

The small team were immediately immersed in traditional dairy production methods. Throwing themselves in at the deep end and learning hands-on.

Over 40 years later, we are now one of Australia’s largest yoghurt producers. So, you could say ‘practice makes perfect’.

We have always, single-mindedly, produce a 100% natural product. No artificial colours, flavours, food acids or preservatives and no stabilisers, thickeners or emulsifiers.

And we’re bringing all that experience into our dedication to organic production methods, starting with the Jalna BioDynamic Organic dairy farm.

Our organic farm.

We source much of our milk and cream requirements from our own Certified Organic Australian dairy farm near Echuca, Victoria

Employing strict BioDynamic farming methods, the farm takes a holistic view to nurturing the environment and animal welfare.

It’s not just about what we don’t use, it’s about the positive, holistic steps we take to running a chemical-free, certified organic farm.

Everything is linked, the health of the soil, the plants, the feed, the animals, the people and the environment. It’s about balance and harmony to keep things natural.

Our ecological management works from the ground up, building and maintaining a nutrient-rich, fertile soil and preventing soil erosion, in a chemical-free way.

We use no artificial fertilisers, in fact, our herd produces most of the nutrients for our pastures themselves.  When additional fertilisation is required, we use only certified organic fertilisers and natural minerals.

We don’t use weed sprays either. Instead, by allowing weeds to grow over summer, we protect the soil, then in the autumn we turn them in, which provides natural nutrition for the soil, and the growing spring grass and hay.

As for pest sprays, we work in harmony with nature and avoid any harmful chemicals. By keeping chemical-free pastures, they’re healthy enough to bounce back from the occasional insect attack. That means high-quality, nutritious, organic feed for the Jalna cows.

At Jalna we believe that our cows should never be pushed to produce more milk than they would do naturally. As a result, they live a long, healthy life. In fact, the Jalna Dairy Farm cows generally live longer lives than cows on other farms.

All this work and commitment is about bringing healthy, organic food options to our customers. We believe that introducing organic yoghurt to more people and meeting a demand for pure, natural options is good for everyone.

Our organic products.

Pouch of Purity organic yoghurt.

Jalna ‘Pouch of Purity’ is the perfect addition to a school lunch box or a playground snack. They come in a handy 100g pouch and in three flavours that kids love. Vanilla, Blueberry and Strawberry.

There’s no added sugar, artificial sweeteners or nasties, but we do sneak in five different kinds of friendly probiotics, calcium and protein.

Available at Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets, now kids can enjoy healthy Jalna yoghurt anywhere, anytime.

BioDynamic yoghurt.

Made from the organic whole milk direct from the Jalna Certified Organic Australian dairy farm, Jalna BioDynamic Yoghurt has the delicious creamy taste of traditional pure, pot set yoghurt.

The BioDynamic principles on which the farm is run mean that the biological activity of the soil is naturally stimulated and maintained. Healthy soil means we grow healthy hay and grass to feed healthy cows and that leads to healthy milk, healthy yoghurt and healthy people.

Jalna BioDynamic is packed with lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium & lactobacillus casei, so there’s more than one billion probiotics in every delicious serve. Available in a range of sizes, Jalna BioDynamic can be found at Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets.

Farm to Pot organic yoghurt.

Made using only whole milk from Certified Organic Australian Dairy, Jalna Farm to Pot pretty much describes itself.

Pure, organic milk is sourced from Certified Organic Australian Dairy farms, so we know that it’s free from any chemical invaders and nasties. Then we add probiotic cultures and let nature do its thing in our unique Jalna yoghurt pots.

Of course, as well as being good, it also tastes good. Rich, creamy and delicious. Farm to Pot is available in Vanilla, Honey, Greek or Slightly Sweetened varieties, and sold at Coles and IGA supermarkets.

Visit the Jalna website to find out more: jalna.com.au

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