Meet our 2021 Awareness Month Ambassador Andy Allen

In 2012, Andy Allen was only one exam away from becoming a qualified electrician when he took a dare from a mate to enter as a contestant on MasterChef. After gaining entry, Andy admitted he was the most inexperienced cook in the competition, but he knew his fierce competitive streak gave him an outside chance. Andy swept the field in season 4 of Masterchef, becoming the youngest ever champion and earning more than a few fans along the way.

Andy first met Three Blue Ducks chefs Mark Labrooy and Darren Robertson on the show when they appeared as guest chefs. Mark told Andy to come and see them for a ‘real job’ when he was ready. Fast forward to 2016; Andy became a full-time member of The Ducks team as one of the head chefs and co-owner of the restaurant group.

Andy has won over audiences with his on-screen charm and laid back approach to food. After entering the spotlight during Masterchef, Andy has featured in the TV series’ Eat Australia on SBS, and Farm to Fork on TEN, before becoming the newest resident judge for season 12 (and now 13) of MasterChef Australia.

Andy’s style of cooking matches his personality – full of flavour and honesty, and he’s at his happiest in the outdoors catching and cooking a feast for his friends.

Stay updated by following Andy on social media @andyallencooks for the latest updates and organic recipes.

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