Certified Organic Producers

Want to learn where your certified organic produce comes from? Find out more about the names and faces working hard behind the scenes to bring your food from farm to plate.

Ferndale Certified Organics | Kongwak, VIC

Welcome to Ferndale Certified Organics family farm. We are fortunate enough to farm in Kongwak, the valley of Peace or Wetwak as we sometimes jokingly call it. We farm 150 beef breeder cows and then on a smaller scale we farm Heritage Bred Large English black pigs, a small flock of sheep, turkeys and chooks.

Our emphasis is on soil health and we try to achieve this through holistic management and Biodynamic practises. We hope by improving our soils we sequester more carbon into our soils, have better water retention and grow more nutrient rich grasslands that cycle. Then our pastured free range animals, who live in a family unit are healthy, happy and nurtured. We provide habitat for non-farm animals as well so they can be free, and flourish with no chemical poisoning from us.

To order fresh pork, bacon and ham, call Lee on 0419399415

Second Nature Organics | Narangba, QLD

Second Nature Organics is a certified organic farm and home delivery service for fresh organic fruit and vegetables, organic groceries, organic meats, organic dairy, organic health products, organic cleaning products and organic lifestyle products.

Second Nature Organics has been in the Costantini family since the 1950s when Mike and Betty Costantini settled in Narangba, just north of Brisbane. Mike was born in the beautiful Abbruzzi region of central Italy and immigrated to Australia in 1952. Mike’s roots have always been in the land and his vision has been for the farm to be a place where you can have a leisurely caminata (stroll) and always find something to eat along the way. The online store supports local certified organic farmers and producers by marketing their products, while at the same time helping customers access what they need with the convenience of home delivery.

You can now order home delivered fresh certified organic groceries direct from Second Nature Organics – find out more here.