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Since 1974, Seasol has been in the business of growing and nurturing! Not just plants, but strong communities, a happy healthy workplace and a sustainable environment. It stood us in good stead when, in 2020, the world changed.

As Australians and Australian businesses headed into a new and unknown world of COVID-19 and isolation, here at Seasol we too had to learn to adapt to a different world. In the gardening sector, consumer interest was all about growing edible produce and creating a green space.Our consumer demographics revealed that it wasn’t just experienced gardeners with large blocks who were keen to grow more edible plants and beautify their surroundings in response to COVID-19. Novice gardeners and those with only a balcony were also keen to make a garden or grow a plant.

At Seasol, we want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy some kind of garden or grow their food, and to do it naturally. We also want every kid to get their hands dirty and discover that tomatoes don’t grow in the supermarket. And we want everybody to feel confident that they can create a beautiful garden in the wet, the dry and everything in between. So, we make products that help people do just that.

To maintain consumer interest over this difficult time, we have been posting quality content and reaching out to consumers through our social media channels of Facebook and Instagram and through our website

We knew it was all about support and education during isolation. Not only for our loyal customer base of experienced gardeners, but for new and especially novice younger gardeners. We took our content pieces back to basics: the 101 of gardening. We had to break it down and keep it simple.

Through autumn we increased our content from one to two posts a day, this was a big increase from the previous year when we were averaging three to four pieces a week. Not only did we want to educate the consumer with garden know-how and product knowledge, we also wanted to reveal the benefits of gardening to the mind, body and spirit. We wanted to enlighten people and explain that the garden could be a place of reflection, a quiet space to think and sort out problems, to learn to cope and adapt to isolation while producing healthy produce or a beautiful, vibrant space through physical activity.

Through winter, as we started to see the slow comeback from isolation across the country, we continued to speak to gardeners through social media. As Melbourne and other areas headed back into isolation, we kept our posts going with content to inspire creativity along with information about timely tasks, how to grow vegetables, plant ideas and to explain basic gardening terms along with tips on how to use Seasol products.

We wanted our readers to imagine the joy to be gained from harvesting sweet, juicy fruit and tasty vegetables straight from the backyard, growing roses with a spectacular number of blooms, or creating a lush healthy garden that looks good year-round and introduce them to Seasol products to help them reach their goals.

From our signature garden health treatment Seasol, to organically based fertilisers and soil conditioners and innovative water saving products, we make it possible to create a beautiful, productive garden in any climatic condition. Our products also make it possible for farmers and commercial growers to grow healthier crops, improve soil health and deliver higher yields with greater efficiency.

Seasol is 100 per cent Australian owned and manufactured and a proud member of the ‘Australian Made, Australian Grown’ logo campaign. We manufacture and market organic liquid seaweed and environmentally friendly fertilisers in the retail, commercial and export sector and were proud to be voted “the most trusted brand in gardening products” in the 2020 Reader’s Digest consumer survey*.


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