Sweet Organic Christmas Treats

Christmas is the perfect time to indulge with delicious sweet treats that all the family can enjoy! From quick snacks and brilliant biccies, to decadent desserts, whatever you prefer make sure you share the love this Christmas, and the food!

1. Christmas Pudding Energy Balls

Need a little pick me up? Christmas pudding energy balls are a delicious way to pack a punch into just one bite. Blend together a mixture of spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, add dried fruit such as raisins, cranberries, apricots and dates, and throw in a hint of orange zest and ground almond to bring it all together. For adult versions, add a splash of brandy or your favourite Christmas spirit. Then you can either dip the balls in organic chocolate or cocoa powder, or simply top with some melted white chocolate or white icing for decoration. For healthier balls, try to use fruit that is low in sugar and steer clear of the alcohol.

Don’t have the time or the patience to make from scratch? Why not buy a pre-made Christmas pudding, break up into smaller pieces and add a dash of milk to help bind it together and form into smaller balls. You can dip or top as you please.

2. Santa Hat Brownies

Brownies and slices are one of the easiest treats to bake in no time at all. Simply add all of your ingredients into one bowl, bake in a square tin and voila! Brownies can then be cut into squares or circles, topped with organic strawberries and cream to transform into Santa hats or even snowmen. They can be filled with nuts, dried fruit and even marshmallows to add texture (rocky road anyone?). Not a fan of chocolate? Why not try to make some delicious blondies or raw slices made with healthier ingredients such as nuts, dates and fresh fruit – no baking required!

3. Classic Gingerbread

Decorating gingerbread is one of the best parts of Christmas and your kids will love being able to make their very own. All you’ll need is; organic eggs, butter, brown sugar, golden syrup, plain flour (you can substitute for gluten free if needed), bicarbonate of soda and gingerbread spices (ground ginger and mixed spice). Once you form the dough, roll out into sheets and cut into shape using a cookie cutter. Then bake until brown and leave to cool before decorating.

To make the icing, whisk egg whites until they reach soft peaks and then gradually add in powdered sugar until stiff peaks are formed. Divide the icing into smaller bowls and use natural food colouring or gel to colour as desired (black, red, white and green are the standard Christmas colours!) Place the icing into small piping bags (or you can simply cut the corner off small sandwich bags) and pipe onto the cookies as desired. You can then top with lollies to make them extra special.

Cut your dough into any shape you like; from gingerbread people, stars, Christmas trees or even gingerbread houses, the possibilities are endless!

4. Eggnog

You either love it or you hate it, but one thing’s for sure, eggnog is certainly Christmassy! This American treat from across the pond is simple to make and can be done in big batches to cater for all your party guests. You’ll need organic milk, heavy cream, organic eggs (separated), cinnamon sticks, a few vanilla bean pods, grated nutmeg, sugar and bourbon or dark rum. Heat up the milk, cream and spices in a pan until boiling then take off the heat and allow to cool slightly. In a separate bowl whisk egg yolks and sugar until ribbons form, then gradually whisk in the milk and the alcohol until smooth. Before serving, whisk egg whites until soft peaks form then gently fold into the milk mixture and top with a sprinkle of ground cinnamon.

Eggnog can then be flavoured as you please; with gingerbread or pumpkin spice mixtures, chocolate or even turmeric for a healthy kick. For a vegan alternative, use your favourite milk alternative and leave out the eggs.

5. Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark is not only easy and fun to make, it can be a luxurious handmade gift. All you’ll need is some quality organic chocolate and your favourite toppings and fillings. Simply melt the chocolate and pour over a heat-proof, non-stick surface (you can use a baking tray or baking paper to avoid mess) once it cools slightly, add your toppings before popping in the fridge to set completely. Then you can snap your bark into shards and package as gifts for your loved ones or use as decoration for cakes and puddings.

6. Popsicles

If it looks like it’s going to be long, hot summer, then you’ll be wanting some ice-cool popsicles for a bit of relief from the heat. Popsicles can be made in literally any flavour you like and can last for months in your freezer if stored correctly. Whether you go decadent with chocolate and dairy, or you try your hand at making some nice-cream (frozen bananas at the ready!) all you need is a popsicle freezer tray, some wooden untreated popsicle sticks (or reusable ones) and your favourite organic ingredients.

7. Biccies for your pup

We’re all for inclusivity here and we don’t want you to leave your pets out this Christmas! In no time at all you can rustle up some delicious treats for your pup, pupper or floofer. Peanut butter is a favourite ingredient alongside a bit of meat fat for flavour, however you can combine an array of vegetables with some oats, wholewheat flour or even yoghurt and bake some deliciuos biccies from scratch. The key is to include your dog’s favourite flavour along with the good stuff so they don’t even know it’s healthy! You can even cook up some minty biccies to help with any bad breath. Just remember to research the ingredients to make sure they’re dog-friendly and stay away from harmful ones such as chocolate and synthetic sweeteners.

Whatever treats you indulge in this Christmas, make sure they’re organic and always look for a logo!

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