Tamburlaine Organic Wines

Tamburlaine started out in an old tin shed on a modest 14-hectare Hunter vineyard. In 1985 the winery was purchased by a small group of friends and relatives led by Managing Director and Chief Winemaker, Mark Davidson. The Company is now working to build on their ‘Contemporary Organics’ vision, successfully producing award-winning organic, vegan-friendly, low sulphur and no added sulphur wines.

“The vision was formed in the late ’90s and continues today,” Mark outlined. “We believe in continuously evolving our practices. Not because it appears now to be trendy, but because it makes sense. More and more consumers agree.”

Tamburlaine’s holistic approach includes grape growing and winemaking practices based on modern scientific thinking without using the chemical inputs involved in non-organic practices. However, converting to organics has not come easily, with years of research and development presenting the team with many challenges along the way. With support from Australian Organic, Tamburlaine now leads the wine industry in their conversion of conventional vineyards to organically managed, increasing awareness amongst growers and assuring a continual supply for the growing demand of organic wines.

“With the implementation of new contemporary organic thinking, the transformation of our Hunter Valley and Orange Region vineyards is incredible. The health of the soil and the vines is very evident, consistently yielding fruit of the highest quality.” Mark explained.

From 2016, the winemaking team has removed the use of animal proteins from its wines, traditionally used throughout the industry for fining. With the conscious consumer in mind, Tamburlaine successfully extended its range to include wines without added sulphur “ commercially referred to as “preservative free”. These innovative wines, which push the boundaries of conventional winemaking, have already demonstrated their success in the wine show circuit, proving that no added sulphur wines could be as high-quality (or better!) as other organic wines.

“Our markets, domestic and international alike, are built on excellent wines at price-points to suit various lifestyles, all from great vineyards. Along with this growth in consumer demand has come the need to work with an increasing number of growers to convert to new regenerative farming principles, which have been enthusiastically embraced by young and older farmers alike.”

“When we started down the organic path, there were no blueprints and there were challenges from site to site and season to season. 2020 brings us different challenges but our aim remains the same: producing excellent organic wines that our loyal customers love.”

You can now order Tamburlaine Organic Wines ‘Stay at Home Dozen’ for just $16 a bottle with FREE delivery to your door. Visit their website to order tamburlaine.com.au

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