The Organic Milk Company. Simply better milk

The Organic Milk Company was founded in 2015. Australian owned and operated, we are a group of Australian farmers determined to produce milk that is simply better. Better for our cows, better for our environment and better for Australian families.

The Organic Milk Company is a collaboration of the largest network of organic dairy farmers in Australia. We made the move towards ethical, certified organic farming practices to deliver Australian families fresh milk and dairy products that are free from genetically modified ingredients, chemicals, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics. It’s real milk and it’s that simple.

We aim to minimise our environmental impact on our land through sustainable, organic, biodiverse farming practices.

We take health and safety seriously, from the wellness of our cows to the wellbeing of our farmers and their families. We are committed to ensuring future dairy farming families can continue to thrive. Our vision is to see the same passion being handed down to the next generation on the land they love.

Ethical and sustainable dairy farming is at the core of what we do, and the health and sustainability of our farming community is critical. What sets The Organic Milk Company apart is that we are fully Australian owned, with our farmers working together to produce premium quality organic milk and dairy products for Australian families.

Our model ensures that every dairy farmer in The Organic Milk Company is guaranteed a fair price for their milk production. This assurance enables a sustainable organic milk and dairy supply for Australian families, and a fair go for our farmers.

The outcome is simple – a fair price for Australian families and a fair price for farmers. No Bull!

It’s the committed work of our dairy farming families that sets The Organic Milk Company apart. Organic farming practices require additional care and resources to achieve elevated standards of animal welfare and ensure the absence of nasties in our milk. It’s a big commitment but in our farmers’ view, a non-negotiable one.

Today we partner with over thirty farmers across Victoria to produce 100% of our organic milk, and this number is growing.

We continue to work with dairy farmers to convert conventional farms to certified organic farming practices. This will ensure a sustainable and reliable supply of certified organic milk and dairy products for the growing number of Australians that know the difference organic makes and want nothing less for their families.

Our products start with a passion for quality, organic milk. No additives, antibiotics or GMOs. Our farmers and their cows like it that way and we know you will too.

We believe great food starts with great ingredients, and this is where The Organic Milk Co helps you produce meal occasions that keep your family and friends coming back for more. Whether it be our unsalted butter in freshly baked muffins, salted butter on steamed vegetables or spread generously on thick cut raisin toast, or our versatile organic cheddar on a toasty or part of casual afternoon platter, we have got your back with our great quality products all year round.

Please visit our socials on Facebook and Instagram where we regularly update on all things organic and offer up some of our favourite serving suggestions. Yum!

Learn more about The Organic Milk Co. here.

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