What we learned in 2020: the year we won’t forget

Let’s face it, many of us would quite like to forget 2020. It’s most certainly been a challenging year to say the least. However, there are a few lessons we’ve learned from the year that was.

We miss human interaction

2020 was an incredibly lonely and isolated year for some of us, proving the need for physical human interaction. In the age of technology, we’re lonelier now more than ever, and isolation and lockdown has made us realise that we really are social beings after all.

Make the effort to go out and catch up with friends and family. Invite them over for dinner, go out for a coffee, or even just pick up your phone for a video chat. Seeing another face can really brighten up your day!

We realised how much we love our family and friends

Travel and technology have made it so much easier for us to fly the nest and live at a distance from our roots. It’s only when the option to return is taken away, do we then realise how much we take it for granted. Knowing you can’t get home has made us appreciate just how much we miss our family and friends.

Get back in touch with family and friends and make the effort to contact them on a regular basis. When it’s safe to do so, plan your trip home – they will be missing you too!

We appreciate our freedoms

One word says it all. Freedom. Who’d have thought something so simple could be taken for granted so easily? For those of us who experienced strict lockdowns, freedom is certainly something we won’t take for granted again! The freedom to shop, eat out, exercise, travel (and get our hair done!) … we just don’t realise how lucky we are.

We need to be kinder to ourselves as well as others

When the pandemic first became a reality, many of us were inundated with community support. From neighbours offering to buy groceries for those in quarantine, to volunteers coming out in full force to assist charities and the vulnerable, to employers providing the flexibility to work from home. We proved that we all have the ability to help each other, and it’s something we need to do more of.

We also need to take better care of ourselves. Treat your body and mind better, take some time for yourself and stop feeling guilty about it – everyone deserves a bit of self-love.

We should follow our dreams

Life’s short, so why waste it doing something you don’t love? 2020 has most definitely been the year of reinvention, of learning new skills and hobbies and of realising what means the most to us. Now is always the best time to do something that makes you happy. Whether it’s starting your own business, starting a new hobby or gaining a new skill, changing careers or even relocating, the time is now!

Travel isn’t always necessary

When you can’t travel, you just make do. Holidaying at home, shopping locally and supporting local businesses, ditching the car and walking or cycling, and even working from home have all proven that travel isn’t always needed. Less travel equals a lower carbon footprint, which equals a better outcome for the planet (and for your wallet!) Not only that, you’re doing your bit to support local businesses and your community. A win win all round!

Health is wealth

2020 has certainly seen a surge in the health conscious. Despite the poor economic outlook, sales have skyrocketed for health and wellbeing products, food and activities. Organic food sales saw a spike in Australia from May 2020 onwards, proving that people are most definitely prioritising their health. Being healthy and keeping fit all work towards building a stronger immune system and helping to fight off viruses and infections all year round. Get eating those greens!

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