What’s in Season this April

Some ‘What’s in Season’ tip from Brisbane’s United Organics

Welcome to Autumn

The transitional months always remind us that the organic seasons are usually shorter than they are for conventionally grown product.


We are still feeling the impact of the drought on a lot of growers so the season is later and the volumes are lower for a lot of producers. Remembering that for most fruit crops it is a 12 month season as opposed to leafy veg which has a much shorter turn around. The impact of these drier conditions are particularly noticeable with citrus; lemons have been very short this year as have Valencia oranges. Expect the full range of apples, pears and grapes. Bananas, papaya and the other tropicals always shorten a little at this time of year, they will stay slightly subdued through the cooler months.

Plums, strawberries and blueberries are in full supply. Rockmelon should be around for the early part of the month, but will finish late April. Avocadoes are firming up with a few more growers entering the market. And there are plenty of limes coming out of North Qld.


There is good supply of most vegetables, the recent rains were a gift and we are seeing the results enter the market.

All of the winter staples are in full swing. Lots of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and all other brassicas. Corn, beetroot, celery, potatoes and salads are in good quantities. Silverbeet supply looks like it has finally caught up with the market.
Round beans, asparagus and eggplant can shorten up towards the end of the month. Generally, a good time of year for vegetable supply with multiple regions producing.

Potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potatoes are in good supply with lots of varieties to choose from. Good quality and quantities of orange, purple and yellow carrots are coming out of Tasmania and the Southern states.

Enjoy your April, to eat all of your colours and remember that there’s enough food for everyone “ there really isn’t any need to panic!

The Team from United Organics


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