What’s Organic and In Season this May

There’s plenty of fresh, organic in season fruit and veg this month!


Winter fruits are all about the basics, apples, pears and citrus. Apples are in full swing with multiple regions producing pretty much every variety – it would be pretty difficult to buy a bad apple right now. In season apples are coming from Stanthorpe, South Australia and Tasmania. Galas, Fuji and Pink Lady are the main red varieties, while Granny Smiths are still a little bit short but will get more plentiful as the month of May progresses.

Pears are plentiful with Packham, Williams and the brown skinned Buerre Bosc. The red varieties and Nashi’s have finished early this year, it hasn’t been a great season. But expect Packhams to continue all through winter.

Citrus, in 2022 was a down season, low volume, low quality and high prices. Thankfully 2023 has been a much better year for citrus, because we didn’t have the amount of rain we had last year.

Currently, oranges are transitioning from Valencias to Navels. I am expecting new season Navels to hit halfway through May, and expect Navels to continue through to November.

Mandarins from Queensland have started slowly, expect them to be bountiful mid-month once other regions are on. Blood or Cara Cara oranges may make an appearance in the last week of May, as well as tangelos.  There are plenty of Meyer lemons from North Queensland, eurekas are also in good supply. Yellow and Ruby grapefruit are in and should continue through winter.

Papaya is usually plentiful in May, but supply has been down, North Queensland is still quite wet. 

That said I am expecting volumes to improve and prices to drop. Strawberries are off to a slow start, but they should start to ramp up as things cool down. Blueberries are short, have been short and I think will continue to be short for the next couple of months. Pineapplepersimmons and dragon fruit are in reasonable supply.

Hass avocadoes are in good supply coming out of Queensland’s wide bay area, the early season, green skin varieties like Shepards, Fuertes, and Sharwells will be finishing up soon. Kiwi fruit from the Central Coast of New South Wales has started late and with a lighter season. Expect prices to remain high and supply to be short for the whole season


Winter is when we are really spoilt for choice with our veggies! The most exciting thing to happen this month is brussel sprouts. They have really made a comeback and are finally getting the love they deserve. Note that they have a very short season, they are difficult to grow, labour intensive to pick and the bugs love them; so, get in quick and enjoy while you can (sauté in a skillet at very high heat with olive oil or butter).

Carrots, turnips, swedes and parsnips are all coming on strong this month. Potatoes are going to be a bit of a problem this year. Things were pretty wet during planting season, so supply will be down and some varieties like Sebago are very short. This situation should improve once the Victorian growers start halfway through May.

Pretty much every other vegetable is in abundance, lots of brassicas such as kale and cauliflower.

Broccoli has recovered from a tough time last May, it is in good supply, multiple regions, good quality and fair pricing.

Sweet potato is well supplied as are onions and green beans, eggplant, zucchini and cucumbers all on in good numbers and good quality.

Salad mixes and lettuces are on as well from multiple regions, there are lots around and at good prices.

Enjoy these Autumn foods and remember to eat all your colours.

The Team at United Organics


Image: The Diggers Club

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