Why your pets deserve organic too

You already made the switch to an organic lifestyle for yourself and your family, but did you ever think about your pets? If you’re seeing the benefits, then there’s no reason that your pets can’t too!


Pet food is much like any processed food. It may contain synthetic chemicals, pesticides, added hormones and a whole bunch of ingredients that really aren’t beneficial for your pet. There’s been much debate over recent years about pet food standards (especially for canned or dried dog and cat food), but what should you really be feeding your pet?

Vets are seeing a rise in a plethora of health conditions in pets – from obesity, diabetes, skin conditions and various digestion issues – and most of these derive from their diet. Take a look at it this way, if you lived on a junk food diet 24/7, you wouldn’t be feeling so great on the inside either. The same goes for your pets. Although some claim the best diet for your pets is fresh vegetables, meats and wholegrains, it just isn’t doable all of the time. So, if you are opting for canned or dried food, making sure that its partly organic or completely certified organic will guarantee that it contains the best of ingredients for your pets – without the addition of added synthetic chemicals, hormones and other undesirables.

The same goes for fresh produce for your pets. Certified organic fruit and veg will have been produced without harmful pesticides, and certified organic meat will have been ethically and sustainably raised on an organic diet, free from synthetic chemicals or added hormones.

Feeding your pet a higher quality, balanced diet will make them happier on the inside, and you’ll soon see the benefits on the outside.


Along with digestive issues, many of the rising problems in modern day pets are skin-related. With the increasing amount of allergens and synthetic chemicals in our home, added to the fact that many pets now spend less time outdoors, it’s no wonder that skin problems are becoming more prevalent in our pets.

Although a high quality, balanced diet is one of the best ways to boost your pet’s immune system, reducing the amount of allergens in your home will help to ease those skin-related concerns.

Regularly vacuuming and letting fresh air into your home will reduce the amount of dust, allergens and dust mites and provide a healthy air-flow. Using organic cleaning products will reduce the amount of synthetic chemicals and irritants which may be flaring up skin problems, and will also relieve the worry of your pet consuming something they shouldn’t (you can even try making a homemade non-toxic cleaner).

Washing your pet regularly (on a monthly basis) with organic products may also help to soothe skin irritations, without synthetic chemicals or harsh ingredients that could cause further irritation.

We all love our pets, so offering them the best we can will make both you and your pet happy.

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